View Full Version : Khrolan: Sobins randoms observations and quite possibly rants

05-21-2016, 07:30 PM
Sobin,Thanks for the list. We'll make sure update notes are appropriately updated with your suggestions. Some of the update notes we received indicated that they've already been applied to our version. It looks like some of them slipped through. Sometimes when a change is applied to NA/EU, it's retroactively applied to KR after that point. The lines you mention below fall into this category and KR received these updates in their 2.9 version.With regard to the skills review - we'll verify based on your findings and adjust accordingly. I'll add your feedback about the increase in honor lost upon death to our list. Lastly, it was originally proposed that the cost of the Axis Mundi Aegis would be 1,000 Merit Badges. We suggested 600, the final compromise was 800. Thanks again for the detailed feedback.-Khro

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