View Full Version : Quillodon: Songcraft Dissonance Katana Nerfs?

05-23-2016, 03:30 PM
You didn't really read the post Quill. The mod existed on old T4-T6 Songblades, which were INT. It did NOT exist on T1-T6 Mooncaller, which were STAM. Now, it EXISTS ON BOTH. That's the concern I have. It destroys literally any purpose at all in a Katana, long after many of us have even invested in it, for a songcraft user. I actually had a Mooncaller and a Songblade, for different builds. Now, I'll have to accept some stupid Attack Speed buff just to be able to be "versatile" which will reduce my cast speed a lot, making Arc Lightning chains questionable upon using Hell's Spear (for example).It'll also comparatively make songcraft mages inferior to any Sorcery/Witch/Occult mage in every scenario, because they will have that massive almost 10% cast speed bonus on non Songcraft builds.Thank you for bringing it up to XL though. I understand my response may look like some sort of rage or jumping the gun, because I'm nitpicking, but in reality, I just have more to say about 2) than the longer response after it.Hello Rekikyo!Aaaaah, I DID misunderstand. My apologies.
P.S. 1) was purely going off this in your own patch notes: ...wow. That's literally 100% my fault, too.Fixing now, ty.

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