View Full Version : Celestrata Bloodsong: A Question about responsibility

05-23-2016, 04:20 PM
Where are you getting that metric from? When I unsubbed my accounts and let them go inactive I never received an exit survey, so I am curious as to where you pulled that number from and what the overall stats actually are? I get that you can only control community related things, but wouldn't you agree that its a bit silly for a game to focus say on #10 of the overall list while the top 9 go completely ignored? We do perform exit surveys from time to time. They don't always run, but we do try to get information from those who leave the game at common intervals to see what comes up.And we try to handle whatever issues we can. To that point, the request to split the NA and EU event times by region was a HUGE ask for a long time. We finally have development time to do it, so we're tackling that. Update 2.9 also has a way to get Ayanad designs more fairly (scrap system) includes re-rolls on cloaks (Ayanad cloaks), adds in new functionality so you don't get the same stat when re-rolling (costume & cloak stats,) makes regrades a bit more fair AND provides actual success rates on two tiers. ALL of those are community requested features. When we can absolutely work community feedback in to the game's changes, we do.

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