View Full Version : WTS *DIVINE* Ayanad Jewelry (Gale & Lightning - Melee Heaven!)

05-26-2016, 11:47 AM
I am selling 5 items, here's what I have:

1 x Divine Ayanad Lightning Necklace
1 x Divine Ayanad Gale Necklace
2 x Divine Ayanad Gale Ring
1 x Divine Ayanad Gale Earring

And the screenshots:

http://rdfi.rdforum.org/9.879bf7a310539884a6fcabd2e8d1057f.png http://rdfi.rdforum.org/9.239e42f7a6aaafac41339ac6d4546ba4.png http://rdfi.rdforum.org/9.7bdf7055ed1394f9a6dfdccb4830de9e.png http://rdfi.rdforum.org/9.1a08515a92aa7b548b091712dd8fa016.png

My contact details are in my signature. All items are on the AH currently, however I am willing to negotiate.