View Full Version : Selling 28x on the island in Villa (best view in east) also farewell

05-26-2016, 10:07 PM
Alright so business first. I own the chalet at the top of the island in villa, the one looking over the water, and it's for sale. How i'm hoping this will work is that interested parties will pm me here on the forums and whoever gives me the best offer by Saturday at 12:00 (mid day) Eastern Standard Time will receive a pm from me and we will work out when to trade the plot (btw just the plot unless you can provide me with a chalet design and certificate). If you know anyone that might be interested in this property guide them towards this post. Some info on the plot, it's very close to the water (i've solo loaded my merch before) it's in a good spot if you want to move packs out of or into yny, legit can be seen from your front porch. Villa is temperate for all the farmers out there and lastly the plot has a great view.

Now for the other stuff, i'm retiring from Archeage. I've been playing this game for a long time (since a few weeks after release, well not much recently) and it's been fun. I've been in many different guilds (Surveyor Corp, Yamato, Rogue, Despair, Mirage, AA Trading Co, Exalted) and made many friends. The problem is that i'm more than bored with this game, most of my friends are gone and moved on to other games and i'm just finding that i don't find it fun to play anymore. Some things in this game will always stick with me, some of the best boat game play i've experienced, an incredible amount of classes and gear, lastly i find myself unable to play any game without wishing i had a glider. Well, i'll be around for a few more days to handle the selling of this plot but after that i'm gone.

BTW, for those that don't recognize me my ign is Ardomir, my alt is named Landwhale.

this is on Nazar just so everyone is clear.

Images of the plot (one with the red roof), you can see the south shore of yny is very close.