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05-27-2016, 02:00 PM
Greetings Erenor! A few thoughts and suggestions can be found below, and i'd be interested in feedback from my fellow players. Rather than a bunch of separate posts i figured i'd drop as many as I could in one and expand to a second post if need be later.

Gathering/Farming. Apart from the ease of planting large numbers, there's no other value to leveling these skills. This is true in several skills, but most obvious in these two. I would suggest a couple of changes, like making the drop rate for bundles 20-40 per harvest instead of 20-30. Some of the grow times need work as well. No bundle should take longer to grow than a single plant, for example.
In addition, some of the processed material drops should be looked at. There should be tiered crops, not a mishmash of values. The difference between Flowers and Medicinals comes to mind. 77 for 10 ginseng, and 24 for 10 Lotus in comparison

Shipwrecks. A friend and I went hunting the other day. one of us found four chests with drops out of about 20. The other found 1 out of 32. Terrible RNG, maybe. But could probably be adjusted so that there's a limit of failures.

Trade packs.

1. Gilda on Freed. really? 4 gilda per regular pack, regardless of crafting point? uh, no, thank you. the farther you go, the more you should get. that's how it works for every other trade pack (in theory) so why not here? (Dragon essence applies here too, but that's a more end game resource which might require additional uses in order to increase payout...unless we want to kill the market for it).

2. Trade Pack Viability. some of the materials to make specific packs (mostly fellowships but there are regulars that qualify) need to be looked at. there are packs that it simply makes no sense to make. either because the materials are silly to procure, or because the value isn't high enough at the best possible turn-in. I don't think there's a reason to have packs nobody makes. I'll leave a few examples.
Rookborne Basin- Fruit Leather, Corn Hash (leather makes some sense but corn hash is really useless)
Mahadevi-Mahadevi Pickles
Vilanelle- Long Noodles
Arcum Iris- Lavaspice
Windscour- Bitter Herbs

some of these people make anyway at a decrease in profit. my suggestion is that packs from the same zone should give the same profit for the same class. perhaps an increase in the value of fellowships/decrease in material costs.

Drop Rates. in particular, Garden Powder price has skyrocketed to nearly six times it's previous value. maybe a corresponding reduction in braziers/trees?

Luscas. I would think that an addition of random spawns would be a welcome change, mostly because at least on Kyrios and a few other servers, one side has this event on freefarm and attempts to deny the other side(s) the honor. many players enjoy the Lusca event and really dont like the honor grind, which kills two birds with one stone.

Honor. I would suggest making gems tradeable, and using alts to farm GR/CR honor quests illegal. if it's not already and it really should be if it isn't. that is a HUGE advantage to those with several accounts, even unpaid ones.

That's everything off the top of my head.