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Ej the maverick
05-28-2016, 06:35 PM
As Arche age has been running for almost 2 years. Would it be possible to have a working database?.
One that when you type an item or npc name, you get information that is useful, like how to use the item, or where you get it from.

Same with npc's just knowing the location, when they spawn as well as what they drop. would be uselful. The database as it is now mostly just shows a picture of either the item and a grading chart.


This is worthless information, I have item in my bag, if attempt to use it I get on screen message, "you cannot use this" I also have sextant in inventory, so is this a useless item like so many other things that drop. The data base should explain how to use or whether it is junk.

05-29-2016, 02:53 AM
First off, ArcheAge Database is just a data scrape of the actual game database. Second, a lot of the information you're asking for is available for many of the entries at ArcheAge Database (for example, many mobs have their spawn locations listed and what items they may drop).

Third, the item you have should have the coordinates listed on the tooltip when you hover over it. You use the sextant, which lists your current coordinates in system chat I believe. Then you navigate your way towards the treasure's coordinates while checking the sextant occasionally for your updated coordinates. Or input the coordinates into an ArcheAge map site.

Ej the maverick
06-03-2016, 05:17 PM
The treasure was actually bugged, as it had no use or activation, the following day the co-ordinates showed when hovering the mouse over it, if the wiki said hover mouse over item to see location, then I would have know it was bugged. Also the ingame function has never worked for me, it has always been a blank box and never loaded, in almost two years so cant use that.

As for a guide, typical to see, that we now get new quests, which say got to auroria castle and hand in there, it is so bloody vague that it gets annoying to the point of "cant be bothered". The lack of information or where to find it is mindnumbing. This has to be the worst game wiki I have ever come across. Thank god some players post tutorials on other sites and you-tube otherwise I would have given up ages ago.