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06-01-2016, 12:32 PM
So I just came back and as a long time Archery enthusiast I wanted to try something new and play a different skillset. I thought about Witchcraft and wanted to look up stuff for the most obvious classcombination, being Trickster (Arch/Shadow/Witch).
So I'm asking you guys if you have experienced this class or tested it yourself and can tell me a bit about it and its current viability or if there are better options for archery. I was away for several months and havent played archery or witchcraft in a long time. So yea, dont judge me xD

Thanks in advance!

06-01-2016, 03:14 PM
There i post things about Trickster

06-02-2016, 06:02 AM
archery is in an interesting state right now:
you can kill people in raids and you can do decent damage, UNLESS the enemy is fullbuffed with def buffs and songs are being played, then ur gonna do poop damage lol
the combo of 1800 pdef pot + 2400 pdef song + brick wall spellbook just makes it really hard to deal damage honestly.
you need defense penetration and really high damage, preferably some sort of crazy bow...
the damage of archery doesn't really scale well vs enemy defense. I am currently sitting at 6.7-6.8k GS and I can 1 shot most lowgear people, while geared players with buffs in a raid take very little damage from me.
it really depends on your style.. if you like open world I can recommend playing trickster (arch shadow witch). it got buffed quite a bit and is pretty decent right now. just don't put too many points into witchcraft.. something like THIS (http://archeagedatabase.net/us/calc/404806) works well in arena and open world, especially since they added fancy new combos! (sniping a sleeping target trips them! charged bolt on bubbled people stuns (u will concussive bubbled people anyway but its a nice option).

all in all, archer is pretty much still the most fun class to play for many people, since staying mobile and killing people and seeing them feel helpless can be really fun sometimes xD
especially when your enemies just see the arrows flying and their HP dropping and they can't escape... :3

Just gonna quote myself from a previous post lol xD trickster is very fun and a strong class since 2.9 patch, very good for ganking or 1v1 and also the best PvE archer spec (spec more into witchcraft for PvE, you need drop dead and baleful recharge... also drop all the stuns/fears/CC in the aforementioned trickster build and put in health regen and evasion passives.

it's definitely worth playing, but keep in mind that archer is VERY gear intense and kinda requires you to have crazy gear if you want to do any comparable damage to mages or melees. that's simply because archers can kill people from 27-40 range, where other classes can't really do much.
in a 1v1 situation that makes no difference, because melees can EASILY close the distance and get to you, as battlerage is more mobile than archery.. but in raid pvp this makes you quite useful.

06-03-2016, 01:19 PM
Reposted from my Reddit post:

Trickster here - 15 months, 5K+ PvP kills : all open world Kyrios (home of high GS enemies), most kills in large groups, most kills while I was at mid 5K GS. No arena. Loved Trickster pre 2.9, even better post 2.9

What I love about Trickster is that of course you get the Archery (which although the weakest of the 3 DPS trees by far, is the most fun and very handy in large group fights for picking off injured enemies trying to hide in the group).

The Shadowplay/Witchcraft can be heavily emphasized either way for different playstyles. Shadowplay for a bit of melee/overwhelm when the fight degrades to "knife range", as well as all the utilities of backdrop, stealth, free-runner, throw dagger (AoE attack/cast/move slow). Witchcraft for CC's.

My favorite PvP combos and tricks. (besides the obvious new ones)

Stalker's Mark + Enervate. In 2.9 it's -35% and -50% heals received. I don't know if it adds to -85% reduction, or multiplies to -77.5% reduction. Either way, use it on that healer backed enemy initiator/tank in your midst that the raid can't focus down. This combo stops the "hit-point yo-yo" DEAD.

Concussive Arrow + Purge - apply before or after the above to a target. Now not only can they not be healed, they can't do ANYTHING. Shackle + Silence = no skills available.

Banshee Wail + whatever you want to do for 4s. Run, glide away, charge up Snipe/Concussive/Deadeye/Float. Buys time to apply the deadliest archery skills, or more Witchcraft CC.

Stealth + Banshee Wail + Archery dmg. Take an enemy off his mount/vehicle and go to town on either/both. Or get into the backline of an enemy raid and mess their plans up for the duration of the Wail (no one ever suspects an archer going back there to disrupt). Apply one of the first two combos to a healer or other focused backline target.

Intensity + Freerunner + Self Purge (when needed) - Immune to Fear, Poison and take the enemy Stalker's Mark off you while you lay one on him.

PVE Combos:

Snare (optional) + Feral Mark (from spear or Deadeye/Float) + Snipe (spread AoE Feral Aura) + Concussive Arrow + Dahuta's Breath (optional w/magic weapon) + Banshee Wail (as needed) - Great for library room farming. I can get the Snipe to land for 20K+ and the Concussive to land for 30K+ on up to 10 mobs at once w/o Float. Follow up with Throw Dagger to slow 5 of them, and keep Banshee Wail ready if needed to keep the mobs off you (usually they can't touch you as you circle kite)