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Michael Vanity
06-02-2016, 07:19 AM
Please add a future option of a guild name change, Id pay $100 - $500 for the option

Recently ive had a mass exodus of my guild after working hard for months, Buying apex for non patron guild members, Supporting there advancement, Going as far as making epic weapons for the Commanders or Officers, Most of what I have spent 85% has gone to other players. I have lost my investment as the players ive been gearing over myself which is over 40 members have left me over the course of 2 weeks.

Im around 5800 gear score, I should be around 7200 if I had invested all that into mysellf. I have found being helpful to people has made me the #1 target to a massive amount of Infectiously jelous players to the point every single guild on the west of Aranzeb but one has been targeting Bloodline Inc.
My guild gets kicked from faction raids like GG and Crimson, Mist.

I have the only fully mythic Enza or Lutesong of the whole Server for the past year, 8 mythic Cannons 2 mythic sails 7 mythic figureheads, Fully mythic Merchant ship with 22 cashshop storage boxs I pretty much have everything for a guild to dominate, Everything but the members.

If I can change my guild name that would save me from having to start a new guild and level it as we are almost to level 5 now.
My remaining guild members dont deserve to be treated like this because of my spending.
Nor should I, I think changeing my guild name would save me alot of hassle paired with a name change.

Thank you Krolan

06-03-2016, 10:50 AM
Michael, just reroll east and join the rest of the p2wers on Aranzeb. Or, wait for player nation.......