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08-17-2014, 12:28 PM
Just want to say hi. I am currently downloading the game, and its taking forever !!!

08-18-2014, 02:19 AM
Heya! Welcome to the forum xD yeaaaaah takes a while to download but atleast once you've downloaded it you'll just need to make small updates! XD

08-18-2014, 03:50 PM
21 more hours to go. So im assuming this world is fairly active as of now? What do people think about the future of this game? I paid a bunch of money for it, hope its worth it.

08-18-2014, 03:52 PM
Long download xD I was the same though xD It is super active - and the beta servers are very busy even though more open! Future has very exciting potential especially when players settle into their server! Guilds will become know and each server will have a personality. Aslong players have an imagination to keep things going - archeage will last a long time

08-18-2014, 04:00 PM
Hope you are meaning you got the Archeum pack as the beta servers just went down until the next event.
Welcome to the forums though :)