View Full Version : Bloodstains blocking seed/sapling planting

06-10-2016, 06:34 AM
I'm an on/off carebear, crafting is my main income. Now with 2.9 we got these awesome quests in Auroria, where the whole Erenor can participate, despite their faction, race or if they like burgers for breakfast or not. This also means pvp around the castle area. How are you supposed to grow anything on your farm when people purple others right on your farm?

I do realize it's my decision to put my farm on a pvp zone. I don't mind getting ganked when I farm, but it does annoy me alot when one reported bloodstain prevents me to grow anything on my farm for several days. This was fixed on mainlands by disabling the pvp on housing areas, but how about Auroria?

You are not allowed to block any vehicles or players, but you are still allowed to prevent people from planting stuff on their farm where they pay x amount of taxes per week.

So, would it be possible to fix the bloodstains, so that they would still stay on the ground, but wouldn't prevent people from planting saplings or seeds on their farms?

06-10-2016, 08:27 AM
Id like a response. I have people purposely putting blood stains on my land so I can't plant braziers. It's very frustrating that they can't take the logs away from me so they do this instead.