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06-14-2016, 10:18 AM
Focus exists in game to counteract Block, Parry and Evasion rates, but due to the fact that so many sources can add to block, parry and evasion (even base stats such as strength and agility increase these), it is easy to acquire a significant amount of one of a few of these stats and override the effectiveness of Focus.

Focus reduces Block, Parry and Evasion rates by a flat amount, according to Chazaster on the Archeage Compendium (http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?171546-ArcheAge-combat-mechanics-compendium&p=1746564&viewfull=1#post1746564), '3135 focus gives around 8.8% penetration'

As Chazaster mentions, this is equivalent to 11 t4 Focus gems, 1 parry gem on gloves gives 3%, 1 block gem on shield gives 2% block rate, you only need 3 t3 parry gems in order to complete neutralize the effects of 11 focus gems across two different items.

Neither Block or Parry seem to have diminishing returns, especially when it relates to gems alone, whats worse is cloaks such as the Twintail cloak give between 5 and 7 block block AND parry and once again this is one item without rng factors such as gems.

It is far too easy to stack Block, Parry and Evasion and i believe it is time to bolster the effectiveness of Focus in order to counteract 'avoidance creep'.

I propose that Focus gain an additional effect to ignore a percentage of an opponent's Block, Parry and Evasion as well as ignore a flat amount of their evasion, for instance, if you had 3135 focus, focus could ignore 31.35% of their total block, parry and evasion depending on whatever it was at that moment PLUS the existing 8.8% that it already ignores.

Imagine a person had the ayanad cloak (7), + a shield with 2 t3 block gems 5 t2 lunascales (9), + (9) from strength/otherwise for a total of 25 base shield block chance, if you add redoubt to this it would be an unmanageable 63% block chance for 20 seconds, supplemental block could also proc for an additional 15%, making someone's block rate an astounding 78%.

With today's focus system it would only be capable of reducing that block by 8.8% with what equates to 11 t4 focus gems, with the system i am proposing it would reduce this amount by 31.35% to 53.54 and then apply the 8.8% flat reduction to bring it down to 44.74.

If you had twice as much Focus from potions and lunafrost 6270, it would reduce someone's overall percentage by 62.70 and then apply 17.6 flat reduction making their effective block rate only 11.49.

I believe that making a change such as this would significantly improve the effectiveness and functionality of Focus and it's role of negating easily stacked (and frankly abused) avoidance stats such as block, parry and evasion, as it stands, Focus is at a severe disadvantage when compared to the how easy it is to gain any of these avoidance stats from multiple sources.

Thank You.

06-14-2016, 11:50 AM
If you'd like, I can provide a list of games where suggestions like this are not only taken seriously and taken into consideration, but are also not moved to shelves where no one will ever see them. This isn't one of them.

The reasoning is logical and seems like a balanced idea. Simply won't be taken into consideration.

06-14-2016, 12:10 PM
People always complain about DR's and their burst damage, but few people are willing to knowledge how easy is it is gain defense stats such as physical defense, toughness, resilience reduced damage and avoidance. When facing a person with either Redoubt or Battle Focus applied it becomes nearly impossible to hit these targets, let alone kill them. Spells have no way of being avoided or resisted, they have a 100% hit rate as long as the caster has a reasonable amount of intelligence, Physical Abilities have no such advantage, relying instead on an underpowered Focus stat which is quickly negated by a wide variety of means to boost any of the 3 avoidance stats.

Melees must sacrifice gem slots in their weapons in order to gain Focus whereas Mages have little need for these gems and can instead concentrate entirely on adding crit damage bonus gems or magic attack gems instead, The honor requirements for melee are heavier due to their reliance on Focus, it only stands to reason that Focus would work appropriately against the very avoidance it means to bypass.

This change would have little effect on mages who utilize shields, whose avoidance is already low considering the fact that they most likely don't have the strength or block cloaks to bolster these numbers significantly, they also probably don't utilize defense or battlerage and are unable to use such oppressive abilities such as Redoubt or Battle Focus, This change would primarily effect classes and characters who STACK avoidance stats through any means necessarily and become nearly unassailable from the front, something which Focus should do a much better job of mitigating than it currently does.