View Full Version : Celestrata Bloodsong: Daru Contracts

06-14-2016, 10:20 AM
What's going on with the Daru Contracts that have a count down timer ending at reset today? I need to complete one more greater dungeon to receive the Silver Regrade Charm. I literally do not care that the count down timer has always been on the items in my inventory. My wife has surgery before this event, and I have not had time to fact check all the information Trion has posted to verify dates. We were inundated with new game features, world bosses, castle features, daily quests, dungeon bosses, and a Regrade event. It was posted that I would have time to complete these 30 tasks (3 events, each ten times) and that is what I counted on. When my guildies made me aware of rumors that these contracts would end earlier than originally posted I made extra effort to complete as many as I can, but I'm still one dungeon completion shy. Has there been any word from Trion on extending the clock on these? This is another really annoying mistake. No, there won't be an extension on the contracts at this time. We do apologize for the mistake in the original post, and worked to correct it as soon as we were made aware.

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