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06-14-2016, 12:30 PM
I tested long spear with my friend, he was wearing a shield and I was shooting basic arrow and endless arrows. I checked combat log all the time and got NO varying damage at all. not a single longspear proc (it's melee only) and not a single shield penetration either.... is this also melee only now???it was announced that it would work on arrows and I tested it and it didn't do anything at all... is this a glitch or was the announcement wrong again? can someone please test aswell and confirm? I used a lost garden faded longspear and my enemy had a lost garden shield, I took off my defense pen gear (2000) so that it doesn't interfere.. and the damage on him was absolutely perfectly consistent..I had less than 15% variation which makes no sense.. since he had 3k pdef WITH a 900 def shield.... penetrating that shield should have made a difference but it didn't at all.. I'm very confused now tbh :( Hello again Cohiba!I think I've found where you're confused. You're testing 50% penetration against a 900pdef shield, for a total defpen of 450. And since 450 is 15% of 3000 (your target's total pdef), you're expecting to see an average of 15% increased damage on shieldpen procs, right?Unfortunately, calculating your increased damage from defense penetration is a bit more complicated than that. Its effectiveness depends ENTIRELY on how much total pdef your target has at the time, and (in the case of shieldpen) what percentage of their total armor comes from their shield. This is due to the diminishing effectiveness of defense. (The more defense you have, the less damage reduction you get per point.)Let's have a look at your example:I made a character that has 3014pdef (including the shield buff) while using a 940pdef shield. When I open up his character sheet, I can see that he currently has 36.25% damage reduction from his Physical Defense, with 76 flat melee/ranged reduction.If i were to simulate a shieldpen proc (in this example, by putting on a 464pdef shield), he now has a total of 2538pdef. This gives him 32.38% damage reduction and 74 flat melee/ranged reduction. So as you can see, on this PARTICULAR target, procing 50% shieldpen on an attack should only get you about 4% more physical damage on average.That may not sound like an awful lot, but remember that we're dealing with small amounts of defpen here. When used on a 900pdef shield, you're only getting an effective 450 defpen. But if you proc shieldpen on, say, a divine t5 obsidian shield, suddenly you're getting 1000+ defpen from your 2H bonus alone. And that's before we even look at your gems. Combined with additional flat defpen (and/or increases to shield pen), it can add up to quite a lot of defpen indeed.As for your fear that shieldpen just plain ol' isn't working for ranged attacks, that one's easy. The simplest way to check that is to have your target stand buck-naked, holding the biggest shield you can possibly find, and then shoot them a lot. For example: here is an attacker with 66% shieldpen, hitting a target wearing nothing but a mythic t6 obsidian shield:http://i.imgur.com/56QWFGV.jpg?1(Again, this is an extreme example that you'd never see in real play. But you seemed concerned that shieldpen was proccing at ALL, so I wanted to put your fears to rest.)Hope that helps!-Quill

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