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06-15-2016, 10:53 AM
We all know about siege system and the penalty for defenders, who should trust walls against a superior number of enemies.
This was true at the beginning, when siege machines, clads and towers, were few and break a wall required a decent amount of time.
Today however, due to the high number of clads, destroying a wall is a matter of minutes. Since defenders are inferior in number, attempt to destroy clads or use defence towers is mostly useless cause they are easily wrecked by the superior enemy party.

In the end the siege is over well before reinforces can come.

On my server, things ended with top 2 guild owning 2 castle each.
I dont complain about the system, after all to attain top gs and skills require time and dedication, what i really complain is what happens after the siege .... nothing at all!!!

The last 2 conquered castles are in ruin as the night of the battle, neglected by the new owners who are interested only in the main castle and the new nation system (not to mention the gold income). I dont blame them, why spend time and gold in a land they'll probably lose again??

The situation mentioned above has the only conseguence to block game content for other players, who cannot attempt to build another nation (there is also a bright side for Trion which will save, since only 2 nation will be founded, only 2 reward instead of 3 will be necessary).
Now there is the monthly siege, and the virtually impossibility to defende 2 castle at once gives ppls a change to play again, but top guilds are kown to have tons of golds, not to mention lord coins ... it will be interesting to see how new bidding system works.

I could suggest some actions in favor of the defendant (a limited number of siege machines, automatic defence towers .... a prayer to the God Kyrios to instant kill enemies :D ) but i was thinking about something more real-like.

I suggest a way to "discourage" to siege a castle if the attacker has no intention of use the new land.

A way to archieve this could be by modify the territory's quest (pioneer packs) so that is a mandatory quest for a at least ... let say 70 member, and the making of the pack will require an amount of something valuable (honor, prestige or leadership), hard to replace.
Delivering the pack will restore that amount of lost something but only once, so if you wanna maintein more then once castle you need a good motivation cause you also need to work.
If the quest is not completed, the gold income is lost and after a while something nasty will happens like ... mobs infestation to make next siege harder, or loosing personal and/or guild exp.

If you think about, it's the same thing that happens in real life, a well mantained house or property gives respect and prestige to the owner, whether a neglected one gives a bad reputation.
And maintaining a property requires time and work, not to mention money.

One thing only i ask to change in siege system: remove penalty for destroing the gate!!
Gates are inside an external wall for better protection, which from an architectural and logical point of view is totally idiot!!!!