View Full Version : wts/wtt T5 Epic Obsidian Katana

06-16-2016, 10:59 AM
Heya. I have a T5 Epic Obsidian Katana I would like to sell or trade for something else. It had a 113% temper, a 2% dmg lunafrost and 4 focus gems in it.

I already have a good 1-hander, so I am looking for a 2-hander to trade for. I am interested in most kinds of 2-handed weapons of the same value, but here is a specific list:
-Epic Obsidian Greatsword or Greataxe (+ some gold if it's lower than T5)
-Divine Red Dragon Nodachi
-Divine Ayanad Greataxe or Greatsword (only flame, desert, earth or typhoon)

Mail me ingame on Apex or here on the forum if interested. Mails that asks me to come skype to discuss price will not get an answer, as I am not interested in your credit card money.