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Ej the maverick
06-17-2016, 12:12 PM
I have played Archeage since just after launch, andf had a break for a few months after spending over 100k gold and yolo all my gear to destruction, without getting 1 divine piece.

I would like to say that the current regrading buff has improved chances a great deal to reach Divine status. That said I am seriously thinking of quitting for good this time.

Once again I have invested a lot of real money as well as moving 200 packs across continent a week for a few months now, yet still after making several divine weapons, then using silver charms and resplenent scroll, once again I am left with nothing but a few wisps.

I have spent a lot of money and time in this game and am really not happy with the regrading system, a noob can use a maximum of 50 scrolls and hit epic, without even investing in patron, others can spens thousands and end up with nothing. This is the biggest reason for players quitting Archeage.

I do not know if Trion will ever change it, or even how they should change it, currently there are epic grinds for quest items, which at least force players into putting effort into improving some aspects of their gear. Personally I think destruction should be removed altogether from regrading.

Right now my feed back is on how regrading, has lowered my willingness to invest any more time and money into Archeage, to the point that now I am going to take time off, go and play world of tanks again for awhile, then decide after that, when I think I have spent on archeage more than it would have cost to take my children to Disney world, yet cannot even upgrade an imaginary weapon something has to give.

06-17-2016, 01:39 PM
This event removed so much gold from the economy its unreal, all you have to do in order to benefit from this event is not regrade at all and purchase cheaper epics and divines, gold as a whole just got more valuable.

06-17-2016, 02:10 PM
this game has little to no reward no matter how much time you put towards it, since someone else can just credit card their way through everything. its one of the many reasons why i barely login anymore.

Ej the maverick
06-17-2016, 07:41 PM
A credit card guarantees nothing in this game unless you just sell either apex or shop items then buy the finished product, I would actually like to regrade my own items. It's the lack of reward towards paying customers and also the customers who spend a lot of time grinding. The RNG is so flawed it is losing me the will to play.

When Trion talk about the RNG they will tell you it is possible to fail a regrade a hundred times in a row, as each roll has the same chance as the roll before. I have failed 15 times in a row several times at arcane, and the game is full of people who had the same fate. you put a hundred balls into a large bag, and pull out 1 at a time then back again, I will guarantee you will after a hundred attempts pull out more than 1 ball above 66, which is a 30% chance which has been quoted on the forums and generally accepted as close enough. I doubt you will ever hit a run of a hundred balls below 66. Which to me makes the the whole RNG badly flawed at best.

The more I think about it the less chance I will play again, using reason I have spent so much real money and once again have nothing to show for it, yet it is only pixels, nothing real, it is not like trion actually give anything worth value for that money. It could be value for money if you progress, but with RNG the chances at regress is more likely as soon as you open that dreaded regrade window.

Of course if you are among the very select few who manage great successes as a normal part of your daily play, you will be the last to leave this game and will likely see many more server merges in that process.

As this is the feedback section, it would be good to see a response from Trion here and a statement as why they do not see any need to reward either paying customers or even customers that have put 1,000's of hours into this game and end up with a lower gear score than the free stuff they try to tempt back those who already left.