View Full Version : WTS Divine Ayanad Flame club +4p Delphinad earth cloth

06-17-2016, 08:47 PM
Club is 114% temper with a few gems

(All Sub divine at time of this post, with one non t3 gem in each, but properly frosted)

Delphinad earth shoes : toughness frost
Delphinad earth sash : +9 Spirit frost
Delphinad earth hood : 2.0% cast time frost
Delphinad earth gloves : 16% crit heal frost

I'm looking to sell for gold, on Kraken or via AH, or trades including the following:

Divine Corrupted kyrios hood
Divine Corrupted kyrios sash
Divine Corrupted kyrios shoes
Divine Corrupted kyrios gloves
Divine T5 Obsidian (Kindled passion) shirt
Epic obsidian scepter

PM me or mail Solicited @ Kraken (Pirate faction)

06-20-2016, 09:20 AM
Willing to trade Divine ayanad club for an Epic obsidian scepter or Divine ayanad scepter. Prices are negotiable on the rest.
Send me a PM