View Full Version : [WTB] Plate/Leather gear! T5/6 | Delphinad wrist/waists

06-19-2016, 12:16 AM
Hi Morpheus, I have two real life friends who are wanting to join the game and I'd like to help gear them. With the current regrade event going on I think I'll be able to afford a celestial/divine set for them both. Here's what I need!

Any grade is fine!

T6 Starbound Helm
T6 Starbound Cuirass
T6 Starbound Gauntlets

T5/6 Shadow Jerkin

Delphinad Lightning Ring x1
Delphinad Lightning Earring x1
Delphinad Earth Tassets
Delphinad Earth Vambraces

T4/6 Twilight Wanderer's bow

I will provide ALL wisps and AH mats if you can provide the library materials to upgrade to tier 6. My current rate for upgrading obsidian is:

Wisp Prices
Total cost in wisps up to the tier you provide (7day average +1.5g)
Library Prices
T3->T4 150g
T4->T5 400g
T5->T6 800g

Provide me with a T4 plate cuirass and upgrade it to T6 using my wisps I will pay you 1200g base + the cost of the wisps from T1-T4

Additionally, if anyone has honor or prestige to spend I will pay nicely for gem services assuming you can provide collateral items/gold. I'm unsure what the current honor/gold prices are but as far as prestige is concerned I will pay 200g/100prestige

Please leave all feedback in this thread OR PM me. I regularly empty my inbox so there's no need to worry about it being full.

Thanks all! I have 10 days! Help make my dreams become a reality! <3