View Full Version : Quillodon: Just took 2 castles

06-19-2016, 06:00 PM
working as intended .. no guild should have more then 1 castle! I won't be back in the office till Monday, but from what I remember this is exactly it. 2.9 made it so an individual guild can only control 1 castle at a time. Guilds that already controlled more than one were allowed to keep them, but not reclaim the "extras" once lost. (Kinda like guilds that had more people than the reduced guildcap. Nobody got booted out, but no new guildies could be added until they were below the new cap.)Going forward, the only way I know of for a group of players to control multiple castles is as an alliance of cooperating guilds. This is also why there can be multiple guilds in a single nation: that way multiple castles can align under one nation's banner.I'll confirm in the design docs when I get in tomorrow though, just to be sure.Hope that helps,-Quill

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