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06-20-2016, 11:30 PM
[QUOTE=Xetic;2342822]Quill, can it be that the defense rolls just get added together? ˘.˘like:0 focus => 90% block/parried/evaded2540 focus (-7% for easy math^^) => 23% + 23% + 23% = 69%Which would be 690/1000 that are avoided and its quite close to your 684 :oAnd after that its calculated what kind of defens it was? (Evasion/block/parry)Since all 3 are the same on your example the numers are nearly the same too :Owhich actually brings to imho to conclusion: Its better to stack only 1 defense roll up as high as you can (as most ppl do anyway)for example:90% parry0% evasion0% block=> 83% avoided with 2.5k focusalthough thats just calculating and i have 0 clue if it rly works like that :o just what i figured together from the numbers i saw :Sany thoughts on this? The only reason i don't think it's additive is I SWEAR I've done a 50% evasion 50% parry test before and it wasn't 100% avoidance. So either i'm crazy, or it is additive but has a hidden cap (many games use 95%), or there's something else going on.Unfortunately, I'm not sure about XL's stance on straight-up asking/revealing the formula. If they want this to be something players figure out for themselves, my hands may be bound beyond a certain point. I should probably check on that just to be sure I don't upset the devs