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06-27-2016, 02:00 PM
http://www.trionworlds.com/archeage/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2016/06/blog7.jpgThe Blue Salt Festival makes a triumphant return this month, all while alchemists can experiment with new potions and extra treasure hides at the bottom of the ocean!The Blue Salt Festival: June 29 to July 19Are you ready for some more fun on the sunny shores of Sanddeep? The Blue Salt Brotherhood is!To begin the quest chain and teleport directly to the festival, speak to the Blue Salt Brotherhood member Jesse, available at Ezi’s Light in Austera, Ezna, and Diamond Shores. Once her quest is accepted, you’ll be provided with a Blue Salt Festival teleport scroll to get right to Sanddeep.During this time, Sanddeep will be placed into Festival Law. If you’re new to these parts, Festival Law will prevent PvP attacks as if the area was in Peace, BUT you can still be attacked if your guild is fighting in a Dominion War. Be careful!As per last year, explore the festival to find all of the quests and collect Blue Salt Festival Coins! Build gigantic sand sculptures, hunt gigantic sea monsters, contribute to Mendelsson and Vivalt’s paintings, eat baked chicken, and more!Festival coins can be redeemed for Thirsty Worker’s Flask, Blue Salt Festival empty frame, Temporary Cogwheel Longboards, the Summer Festival Coin Stand, Temporary Thunder Dash, Temporary Timber Coupe, beach furniture, new sand sculptures by Vivalt and Mendelsohn for your home, and Baked Chicken to take with you on the road!Riches from the Depths: June 29 to July 12Thar’ be booty on the ocean floor, and it’s ready for the plunderin’! Starting with the June Update and continuing to 11:59 PM GMT on July 12, you can hunt special Castaway Treasure Chest in the Castaway Strait and northern Halcyona Gulf to earn gold and special items!To begin this quest line, activate your extra Divine Clock icon in the lower left-hand corner of your screen. The quest will challenge you to acquire 1,000 Commerce proficiency and, when you can complete it, you will be rewarded with a Elite Trader Certificate.To help complete the quest, sail around the Castaway Strait to find Castaway Treasure Chest that can be converted into trade packs. These crates can result in one of three rewards:

Common: Coin Chest worth 50 gold when sold to the Ocean Trader.
Rare: Golden Statue Fragment worth 300 gold when sold to the Ocean Trader.
Super Rare: Golden Treasure Chest worth 1000 gold when sold to the Ocean Trader.
Meanwhile, Elite Trader Certificate can be turned in to earn Bound Worker’s Compensation: 500 potions, Archeum Essence, Bound Tyrenos’s Index, Bound Majestic Trees, Bound Mining Drills, Lucky Points, and the Mini Farm Cart Décor.Of course, as the Castaway Strait is a full naval PvP zone, you may want to be on your guard for pirates, rival factions, and thieves looking to steal your hard earned packs!All in a Dayru’s Work: July 9 to July 19Rounding out our series of events is a new limited time series of Daily quests focusing on the mysterious ancient Daru. Staring at 12:01 AM GMT on July 9, you’ll be able to acquire a new quest from the Divine Clock to utilize an ancient Daru relic.Through Daru alchemy, you’ll be able to craft Honor Elixirs, Vocation Elixirs, and more! Plus, complete the quests “Potion Lessons” and “The Mystic Daru” 7 times to receive the new titles “Elixir Mixer” and “Friend of Daru” respectively.These quests will be available until 11:59 PM GMT on July 19, so get them done while you can!

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