View Full Version : Celestrata Bloodsong: Tank blocking @some community manager

06-28-2016, 08:40 AM
That, and they don't send you back an email saying "omg thanks, we so got that guy, he's banned for life, you rock." So if you don't actually know the guy and communicate with him outside the game, you'll never know what (if any) action was taken. The fact is probably the first time or two he probably won't be banned; they may break his tank, but probably not if they don't catch him in the act. If they get like a bunch of reports about the same person from different people, and they decide that it's "unavoidable" blocking (gray area)... he may get some banned, but most likely not. Read the policy. Arby's in the right of it here. First of all, we do due diligence in our investigations to make sure someone is performing a bannable offense, so it does take some time for an investigation to be done once the ticket is received. After that, we do use a variety of punishments which can include temporary bans. Lastly, in case of a temporary ban, you usually won't be able to tell if a person was banned or not. The shortest temporary ban is 24 hours, so you may not realize if a guy is gone a day due to a ban or due to just not logging into play.In short, your tickets are important, we do investigate these matters and issue punishments and warnings, and you may not always see the actions we take. We don't ban straight off the bat unless it's an extremely severe offense, such as cheating, exploiting, etc.

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