View Full Version : Quillodon: Balanced arena defense abilities.

06-28-2016, 02:50 PM
Like I said I'm aware you SHOULDN'T be able to get shield blocks but people wielding shields extremely rarely do so something is happening. I understand that, but considering i just hit a dude a couple hundred times who was using a shield and got zero blocks, I'm not sure how to recreate this to show anyone. Please do send a vid my way if you happen to catch it, or suggested reproduction steps if there are any more details you can think of.
Lol what.... You can use offensive fighter with the 2H buff and equip DW weapons to be able to get the double swing animation meaning you get 2x white attack at 899 melee attack rather than the single melee attack you should have.Haha woah there, no harm meant! I apologize if my edit was unclear: I wasn't laughing because free attacks are unimportant, I was laughing at myself because it was so easy to see/recreate. (You can see in the line above that I was asking what I should be watching for.) The issue was written up, as promised, and the producers have been made aware.I'm gonna be honest, it's probably not gonna be the TOP thing on their list right now. But I'll letch'a know when I hear something.Thanks again,-Quill

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