View Full Version : New Quest

06-29-2016, 02:42 PM
I want a fun quest where you have to cross dress and if you can complete the quest than you can keep the "opposite gender" clothing. It can start at a theater where you have to perform a play in the most ridiculous outfit. Or it can be a quest where you must infiltrate a castle dressed as the opposite gender to disquise yourself. Either way a "cut scene" of what your doing must occur so that i can laugh my socks off to something silly my character is doing.
The outfit can be extremely funny (and if we can keep it, can be used to dress as the opposite gender for halloween.) I mean think of the fun we could have with it.
It wouldn't be offensive and it would help bring a laugh to archeage.
Heck if I had that oufit, I would put on regular plays in solis. :3