View Full Version : [SOTSOG] A mature European guild for the 25+

08-18-2014, 06:06 AM
Hey everyone, iam happy to reveal that SOTSOG or "Standing on the shoulders of giants" will be joining Archeage.
We are a mature/active guild with ppl above the age of 25. we are now starting to recruit new players to join us in Archeage, and as long as you are a mature player and have had your 25th birthday, you now have chance of joining us in-game.

SOTSOG is one of the older guilds and have existed for about 17 years now, we have been active in nearly every MMO that has come out and took recent part in ESO, but with the lack of content in that game we have decided to play Archeage.

If you feel like joining us, then go visit our main site at http://www.sotsog.org/ and apply there. We are heavily relying on TS while playing and we recommend you to at least listen in while we play since alot of info is given through that, but if you do have, go and dust of that headset and join us online.

So far in-game we are playing East side on beta server "Shatigon", and East side on Alpha server "Omega". But we haven't decided on faction for launch yet, and if you join now you might have a chance in taking part of choosing just that. As for Pirates and such, we have decided to be an open guild for all and we will probably have a division of the guild for pirates.

I hope we can provide you with a mature/active guild, and i look forward to see you joining us