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06-29-2016, 04:00 PM
ArcheAge Version 2.9, Build 9.0 Patch Notes -- The Blue Salt Festival
http://www.trionworlds.com/archeage/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2015/08/blue-salt-festival_blog.jpgGeneral Changes

Costumes can now be leveled up to the Mythic grade! Further benefits await!
Added a respawn point in Mirage Isle for those pesky unexpected falling deaths.
Siege strongholds are now untradable.
The following items no longer support image fusion:

Talik's Old Glider
Red Bull Glider
Merit Badge Feathered Hope
Gilded Royal Glider

Grand Ginkgo Leaf is no longer categorized under Medicine.
The daily merit quest pool no longer uses quests related to the weekend dungeons.
All server prefixes have been removed on the server selection screen. From this point forward, all servers are considered legacy servers.
The chatbox will now show a notification when a player uses a title item.
Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where players could be disconnected by driving a vehicle.
Added all of the upgrade recipes for Mistsong items at the Distorted Mistsong Workbench.
All Yata mounts have been set back to the appropriate speed.
All flying mounts can be de-summoned while they are gliding again.
Equipment Score Rankings now appropriately appear on the leaderboard when you mouse over a player's name.
The landing animation on Inoch Wings is now visible to other players.
The Magic Damage +6% set bonus on Delphinad Cloth armor is now appropriately added.
Fixed an issue where the /sweep emote would not appropriate start its animation on Harani characters.
Fixed an issue where a ship could sink if it's equipped with the Zephyr Explosives Workbench and resummoned.
Auroria Twilight Saplings will no longer shrink in size during their growing phase. That was just silly.
Fixed the Firran Female's long hair from clipping into the Owl Post Uniform.
Fixed a chair in Dawnsilver where players could get stuck.
Shadow Step can now be used against Mimic type monsters.
Fixed a recall bug that could cause players to get stuck.
Fixed a system message issue on the Wyvern.
Fixed a number of bugs reported by the community regarding the Equipment Encyclopedia.
Fixed a bug associated with the Soulmare causing nearby NPCs to become invisible.
Fixed a bug that kept player nation allies from receiving the Halcyona buff after winning.
The miserly goblins will now more reliably give up their treasure in the quest "Goblin Treasure."
Fixed a bug that could cause the Territory Statue Design to be unbuildable after being placed on the ground.
Krisna has finally gotten the memo and will reliably appear in the quest, "Escape from the Black Sands."
Fixed a bug that would cause houses owned by players in a Player Nation to be incorrectly tagged as the correct faction. This would result in the owner's land being taxed incorrectly. (They'd be charged double in their own faction's lands and would receive normal benefits in their original home faction.)

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