View Full Version : WTS CONNECTED 44x44 Mansion and two 16x16's in DS

07-01-2016, 08:41 PM
All three plots are located in Diamond Shores West housing, just South of the Mirage portal along the road, and right next to the bridge for easy access. The plots have a fantastic view of Ezi's Light, the ocean, and surrounding cliffside landscape. This mansion served as a guild hall for over a year, and it has been kept fabulously clear of spider webs and mold. The cows and lemons may need squeezing.

Mansion already appraisal certed for 14k (OR BEST OFFER--well below the materials/design/plot cost, but I'll go even lower) with each 16x16 farm certed at 1k.

Please pm or mail/whisper Ariadni in-game. Thanks!