View Full Version : Mobilization order with autoraid formation and quests.

07-04-2016, 07:03 AM
I have heard a lot of stories about heroes who are in fact not working for the faction. Here is my suggestion.

Using Mobilization order will work in a different way. Faction hero will have an option to select from a drop-down menu that he is about to form a faction-wide raid for an event "select below". Accepting will port you to Austera (or other such place), and cause you to join raid.

People joining the raid will receive a quest for 1 medal, which will complete after entering the zone. (if system allows only reward in form of items, it could be a queststarter item, which need a click).

Using this form of call will give similar quest to heroes who participate in this specific raid (similar to quests like "becoming a seaknight", or in Mistmerrow), which could be considered as a victory of the event he will receive either partial hero reward, or leadership points boost.

The reward/leadership points will scale upon how many people in the raid completed main quest.

List of suggested events / goals:
Golden Plains Battle
Luscas Awakening
Abyssal Attack
Crimson Rift (ending with Hound of Kyrios boss)
Grimghast rift (Ending with boss)
Aurorian Crimson Rift (ending With Anthalon)
Diamond Shores fortress defense
Alemine fortress attack
Call to war (whatever wars are available)
Boss Raid (whatever major boss is up - and I mean only those which are announced by server-wide message)

If hero chooses to participate in such raid (called by another hero) he will receive same quest as the one who was calling the raid. If he chooses to leave raid he can form another for the same event of his own (in case that 1st raid is full).

In this case you are expected to make a call to a specific event not just "to have 75/100 mobilization orders". Goal is also to replace mobilization order amount by participation amount - which would be part of the hero version of the quest.

07-05-2016, 12:32 PM
Would make too much sense.

07-05-2016, 01:04 PM
This is a good idea. I suggested the same thing a few times when mobilization orders were first added to the game.

07-08-2016, 05:44 AM
I was thinking about this from technical point of view.

a) Its not a problem to grant "Warriors medal" after teleport.
That means that adding selected quest starter would not be as much complicated.

b) Joining raid after port
Currently done in warzones, when using game portals. In some cases it seems to be done by wartime in zone = which isnt the case of Austera.

In this case I can understand that it might be complicated on technical level.

07-08-2016, 07:43 PM
I LOVE your idea of actually aiming the mobi orders at what they seem to be meant for as well as rewarding heroes "OF THE FACTION"(Not hero of X guild) for actual faction content. I get the impression, that once again, things that are great aspects of the game are hurt or crippled with all the alts that throw off the game's design. This would hurt this idea as people could just have alts take the order and sit in the raid. The quest you mention for the hero would help mitigate that, as they would have tot actually have SOME people in their raid and there would need to be allowance for being able to select from different mobi summons in case multiple ones come in at a time.

One other consideration would be that these quests could give a huge advantage to people that are already heroes and make it very hard for others to compete. I'm still not sure how a lot of the player vote as my server got two heroes in that pretty much kill anyone just because. One in particular was killing a level 30 when they have over 6k GS. But the system to get voted in aside, I'm fully behind the idea of this improvement.