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07-05-2016, 09:00 PM
so yesterday is started a stream for abyssal and maybe 10 mins into the stream a was disconnected by a gm and was told i was banned for 3rd party program so i contacted a GM and they just said they looked over the logs and it was justified so i asked them to recheck was there a possibility they made a mistake after all it has happened and i know that i don't have any form of cheating program and they basically said the same thing over and over so when i asked for the name of the program that they say im using they are unable to tell me its name or what it was even doing so at this point i can only guess they are just sticking to there guns also dont use VPN's they are banning for that as well from what i hear Unfortunately we are unable to assist with appeals here on the forums. If you have further questions regarding your appeal, please update your ticket, or e-mail appeals@trionworlds.com.

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