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07-08-2016, 07:12 AM
On May 31st an event start called "Rise to the challenge of Ascension and claim your free gifts!" this lasted to June 28th. From what I've learned the event there was a "Homecoming Gear Ticket" that basically gave some really good gear for free. On July 2nd a friend told me about this game so I reinstalled it on my new computer. After some searching I found out the event ended. With the fact that I can't get the gear I knew I would be at a disadvantage for people at my level (55), because of that I sent in a support ticket asking about it. 4 or 5 days later I got an automatic response denying it. Probably to be expected, like why would they give out free gear to a single person a few days after the event ended? Anyways I asked how this is fair to me as a player to return after not being able to play during the event. (With finals, traveling, and my computer breaking). They responded after saying, "I will forward this info to the ArcheAge producers who are in charge of these types of decisions." and some about posting feedback on the forums. By saying they will forward this to the ArcheAge producers I expected that it meant I still had a chance of getting the gear. A few days later I still hadn't gotten a response and the support ticket said it was awaiting my request, so I opened a support chat. The person basically told me that what the ticket means is I will not get the gear because the event has ended and I should post this feedback on the forums.
That feedback is that this isn't fair. I played near the beginning of the year, got some gear, make friends, had fun, then quit because I wasn't finding enough time to do most of the things with my guild. Now that summer has started I come back to find out that almost every single player I see has 4k+ gear score because of this event, where 5 or 6 months ago most people would have 2k to 3 k gear score. This just makes it so I can basically do nothing. The only people I can fight are under leveled or also missed out on the event, but that is very rare to see. Can someone just explain how this is fair at all.

P.S not sure if this is even the right spot to post it, I was just told by support to put in my feedback regarding the situation.

07-08-2016, 06:46 PM
It is fair, because the event ended. Didn't play when it was? Not Trion's fault.