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07-10-2016, 01:43 PM
We all know that Trion has more issues than most companies around the world, but isn't it sad when they can't even help with small problems a paying costumer needs help with?

Appearently they do not provide the service of changing guild names, or disbanding guilds that are 100% dead and probably barely ever used.

So anyone can get any guild name and save it on alts, and it will never be possible to get for real use.
They can change a characters name rather easily, even though they spend several days on that too.. but when it comes to a GUILD, no... that's to hard for them, or maybe they just don't want to..

It's really easy, but they can't even do that, i mean seriously :/

So this is a feedback thread, if anyone of importance from Trion watch this thread, please for the love of god, make sure small things like this can be fixed in the future, and if it happens, please tell me about it as soon as possible.