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07-12-2016, 12:30 PM
Now, everyone, we just said last week and we have continued to communicate that the split in event timers between NA and EU was still being worked on and is in testing. The testing has to be conducted in real time to make sure everything is set correctly, as forcing the event with GM commands does not test the actual system. Those tests are not going to be fast (as we all know the event schedules) and after we do our internal pass, we'll be doing a test run on PTS and ETS as well.Otherwise, I'd like to remind everyone that discussing moderator action or consistently re-opening closed threads is against the rules of the boards. We closed up the last thread because some people got nasty with one another, and none of us want to do that again. Furthermore, there's no need for insults or anything of the like when posting here. We're happy to listen, and we're happy to answer questions too. Posting insults at anyone, including staff, can result in your forum access being temporarily removed or permanently removed.I'm going to close this thread once more now that the question has an official answer that anyone can read. If anyone wishes to speak to me privately via PM regarding this, I encourage it. Attempts to re-open the prior threads that were removed will be re-closed.

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