View Full Version : Imrovised Materials: Hereafter Clothes

08-18-2014, 12:21 PM
The quest " Improvised Materials: Hereafter Clothes" requests you to kill Skeletal warriors, Skeletal Merchants, and the ghosty people outside of Sharpwind mines in Dewstone Plains. Problem being, you don't receive "Hereafter Clothes" from them but from the enemies inside of the Sharpwind Mine instance dungeon.

The Quest appears after completing the "Improvised Material" quest chain. It is the last quest in the chain.

The Bug appears in the quest description area of the quest is around the "Sharpwind Mines" in Dewstone Plains. The quest is granted automatically after completing the previous "Improvised Materials" quests.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: I believe this bug infact is a game bug due to the wrong creatures dropping the "Hereafter Clothes." However seeing as this deal with text I am placing it here. Please move if needed.

08-21-2014, 02:55 PM
I had this problem in CB2, and in CB3 I encountered a new, related problem.

2604 As seen in my quest list on the right, I'm not even on the Herafter Clothes part yet. I had hoped I would have the materials when I got to that part, but I didn't. This treasure chest is for a different quest. The actual item I acquired is seen in my chat log: Fisherman's Traps.