View Full Version : My class for my F2P challenge

07-16-2016, 03:22 PM
I am going to be refilling into a new server as a F2P player, and I am unsure of if the class I wanna play will be good.

It is Bloodreaver; Batt/Aura/Occ. And it will be played as a 2H Plate Fighter. The class allows for Heavy Physical damage with some Magic CC, as well as Heavy Phys. Def and Frenzy+Conversion Shield for dealing with Mages. It is a Versatile build but will it be strong in the later game? Of course I'll have my DR Raid Spec but I will be aiming for mainly PvE content for all my gear. Opinions?
Or do u got a class I should do? Let me know

07-16-2016, 03:53 PM
2H Hexwarden with staff is really fun. Just swap Occult with Witchcraft. You get infinite mana from the wc passive, magic defense 500 passive, auramancy magic defense actives, crazy crowd control, mobility, and a self heal every 30s or so (about half health bar for me).

07-26-2016, 11:19 AM
I agree, Hex Warden is a slightly different build that helps in a lot of ways over Bloodreaver and I've played both extensively. You're mana regen abilities triple, and bloodreaver is a major mana sucker. As far as self health...the life drain occultism uses (but noone else seems to) is a channeled skill, the enervate/mudhand combo of witchcraft plays better, cc's and mana wrecks, and has more combos.

Imo if you play occultism and aren't doing some magic damage, it kinda feels like a waste, witchcraft has so much CC at hand, no need for a magic weapon, but you can use one (helps with the self heal). Seems more versatile.

Hex Warden doesn't need implode like Bloodreaver tends to, that leaves your thwart stacks live to do what they are supposed to... make all your skills CD alot faster.