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Drakhe Noctis
07-19-2016, 08:26 PM
Will be really cool once one weapon is made it
Have possibility that this weapon can get (Low %change) an additional stats or buff , more high is tier more high (But less change to get it)is stats/buff
Could be like this. ...
I crafted one Katana i got one epherium sky than i can craft delphinad this delphinad katana once made it can get additional dps...
-Basic dps katana 280
-our new katana got after crafting more 30 dps now katana has 280+30 dps or possibility to get some random buff like attack Speed +2%/focus +300 ecc ....this way will make any delphinad weapon really unique and different, make more sense for crafting, (becouse the only weapon People use are obsidian) give to Any weapon the particularity, encourages People to craft = Good thing for economy
...............An Example....

% for get random buff (attack speed,cast speed,focus,defence penetration or +1 rank skills point)
Illustrious 5%

Magnificent 4%

Epherium 3%

Delphinad 2%

Ayanad 1%

% for get additional DPS (cumulative step by step if weapon proc to Upgradable weapon)

8% : DPS + 5-10
6% : DPS + 10-15

5% : DPS + 15-20

3-2% : DPS + 20-30

1,5% : DPS + 40-60

if y get step by step Always upgradable weapon from illu to Delphinad effect is cumulative

07-21-2016, 04:14 AM
Wow even more RNG in crafting? Did you ever make epherium gear or higher? Do you know how much of a pain it can be to get the right version of the piece?
Illustrious 1/4 chance to get the upgradeable piece
Magnificent 1/4 chance to get the upgradeable piece
Epherium 1/7 chance to get the upgradeable piece
Delphinad 1/7 chance to get the upgradeable piece
Ayanad 1/7 chance to get the upgradeable piece for erenor/ the piece you want