View Full Version : 3v3 Arenas suggestion and Increase library mats drop

07-28-2016, 05:59 PM
About the 3v3 arenas, if they keep like this you can be stuck in a group with 2 or even sometimes 3 healers in the same group, wich is very boring, and other times, maybe you go to the bathroom while you are in queue, and when you return you have any buff chosed, so my idea is the next:

First, when you queue for the arena, would be cool if you also could chose the buff you want to have inside the arena, so no matter what, you will get the buff you want, and also, if the arena know wich buff you are going to use, would be cool if each group could only take a max of 1 healer per each group.

Then, I think that would be good if the library mats drop rate are increased, becouse if you are new to the game, it would simply take you so much time to farm those mats just to craft your T4, T5 or T6 weapon, without considering that you also need to get the others mats.