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07-29-2016, 01:10 PM
http://www.trionworlds.com/archeage/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2016/07/July_MTX_blog.jpg This weekend is a deal that’s here and gone again faster than an Auramancer with Teleport! For one weekend only, we have a series of great packages that feature an amazing choice of items on the Marketplace. Have you always wanted a Permanent Personal Post Parrot to fly to your location, or the enchanted robes of the Inquisiton? Now’s your chance, but hurry! These packages disappear on August 1st! Items marked as tradable can be traded to others or sold on the Auction House. All other items will be Bind on Pickup. Costumes, as always, can be affixed to an Auction Mannequin to be sold on the Auction House. The Inquisitor’s Collection – 3000 Credits Black is the new black. Wield the power of the Inquisitors and look damn good as you do it. Plus, grab the never before seen Pantheon’s Punishment and Pantheon’s Judgement image items!

Inquisitor’s Robes
Pantheon’s Judgement Image Item
Pantheon’s Punishment Image Item

The Altitude Adjustment – 3500 Credits This package has everything you need to take to the skies. Now go up. Higher. No, higher! There ya go, Perfect.

Enhanced Marauder’s Glider
5 Glider Wingmaker Scrolls (Tradable)
5 Glider Manacharge Scrolls (Tradable)

The Deep Depths Deal – 3000 Credits Find the treasure of the depths on a sub as dark as the shadow of the Leviathan.

Onyx Steamfish Submarine
Reinforced Giant Tailfin

The Perpetual Personal Parrot Package – 3000 Credits Parrots here, parrots there, parrots everywhere! Never be caught without mail access or a colorful companion ever again.

Permanent Personal Post Parrot
Parrot Mailbox

The Armageddon Armorgeddon Assembly – 2500 Credits Outfit your steadfast steed with an advanced angle on a classic favorite.

Advanced Armageddon Pet Saddle
Advanced Armageddon Pet Helm
Advanced Armageddon Pet Legguards
Lucid Earth Lunagem: Celerity (Tradable)
10 Companion Crusts (Tradable)

The Spatial Expander Stack – 2500 Credits What do you need more of? Everything, really. Grab this package and add more skills, crafting specializations, and inventory slots for yourself, or give it to a friend! (Or sell it to them. We don’t judge.)

5 Specialization Snowflakes (Tradable)
5 Expansion Scrolls (Tradable)
1 Wrapped Skillsaver Pendant (Tradable)

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