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08-01-2016, 07:37 AM
I know this might be hard to believe or why they haven't implemented this feature to the game yet. So my idea would be that for the Patron Buff that it has a ticker on it since it is a buff and nothing more than that. This will alleviate two problems and many headaches. First, it will make the player more aware of when their patron is up. Secondly, Devs won't or shouldn't have to notify players when their patron is up or receive any type of inquiries or rage mail about this issue. I have seen a lot of posts about this so I feel like this would be a great way to resolve it. Yes, I know you can log into glyph and check it that way but let's really be honest here players are far too lazy to check that and then they get mad cause they weren't notified. But I think this will help resolve this issue. Thanks =). Keep it Classy.

08-01-2016, 10:25 PM
Do you not remember when your remaining patron time used to be shown in game? Trouble was, the game and Glyph calculated the time in two different ways. So every month there would be people freaking out because they thought their patron status was about to expire prematurely, when in fact it was totally fine.