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08-02-2016, 06:32 PM

This is my 3rd or 4th day of game and I wish to share my thoughts.

I always read in other public forums about archeage as a p2w and I avoided it. But latelly I watched some videos on youtube and I decided to give it a go.

The game is great, it has it all, open world, endless questing, very nice character creator (I havent found the body creator, just face?) but it gives lots of options to make the face you want.

In the downside, I love crafting and farming materials in all other mmos I play/played, but this game is the only game I dont craft or gather materials yet! Its because of the labor limitations. In addition another thing that bugs me allot is the inventory, that adds all items inside my bag (quest items, looted items, materials, etc). All in one tiny bag and at lvl 10 I had no space to play! I had to delete lots of items.

The questing is fine and it aligns with story quest, but when I move to another area, the previews area quests, that I haven't completed yet, auto-disable/remove from my on-screen quest log and I end up with LOTS of quest items. As a result I dont know all these items are coming from!

I noticed that in order to increase my bag space, I need a credit card or to get lots of gold and buy it from AH. But the scroll of expansion costs crazy gold for a new player. :rolleyes:

Is there any dungeon queue system in game? I havent found it yet, I am new and I havent seen anything other than questing and traveling! I am 34lvl by now as a Range main/shadow/defense built. I do receive sometimes a mobilization window and I have no idea what that is... I also received a popup window to attend a trial of a real player of the opposition side as a jury! I really enjoyed that one.

Things I like in game
1) Huge and beautifully designed open worlds.
2) character creator
3) Lots to do and as a new player I feel a bit lost.
4) Its an mmo you like to play...
5) some random events I ve experienced are really cool.

Things that bug me allot.
1) Inventory is limited and it gets capped really really soon with quest items.
2) looting treasures from our journey needs labor and I disagree with that one, because labor is also needed for crafting, gathering materials... So we have either to stop looting, or stop crafting, or don't gather anything.
3) Sometimes it gets chaotic, get lost...
4) The map does not inform you the locations for all the quests we have in our quest log, you have to google things.

for new players it gets easily a nightmare.

If I like the game and will keep up playing? Yes I do like it and I will keep up playing.. :)

(I am dyslexic)