View Full Version : Jury duty, jail/prison, and Community Service?

08-09-2016, 04:04 AM
So, as we all know, criminals do not get their just deserts and it seems almost too easy to break outta jail and keep going about their day. I personally have taken it to a new measure, but this measure will not last very long and is not exactly a great course of action, especially since it does nothing but keep the offender off the streets for a specified amount of time. I currently ask the offender questions and treat it as a real court case. If they refuse to answer or act unruly? I hold them there until the allotted time is up.

My idea is this. Obviously this wont work for long as the offender can simply leave their keyboard and go do something else (possibly more productive) . Would it be possible to force 'criminals' to do some kind of community service for their communities. Maybe make items and provide them to free to those who actually need it. I don't know. The jail system is a dud as you can simply break out and then become a pirate. It does nothing to change the 'criminal's' acts to become once more, a decent member of the nation and like said above, it only promotes becoming a pirate in itself as the only punishment is to be banished after many many many many many many many *times* 1,000 assaults/thefts from others in the nation(s).

Thank you for listening ^.^ .