View Full Version : Kyrios WTS Solzreed Lacton Land Cluster

08-10-2016, 10:35 PM
I have recently upgraded my land setup, and am looking to see if there are any potential buyers. I have been building it up for a while now, and it is finally perfect. If you decide to place a mansion down, which there is plenty of room for one, you can have the mansion (44x44) with 6 connecting scarecrow farms (16x16). Total of 7 plots if you place a mansion. Not a bad setup.

I am looking to get 15k OBO - and we can figure out how to sell all of the land, whether its by certificates, demos, etc.
The picture has the details, but below are what I have for sale, as a package.
12 total plots, the Chalet is in the complete middle, and is surrounded by the 10 farms and 8x8.
1: 28x28 Chalet
1: 8x8 Silo Storage
10: 16x16 Scarecrow farms

You can mail me in game or through forums and I will respond at my earliest convenience.

Below is the attached image. Thanks!