View Full Version : wts lvl5 EAST Guild <Carebear>

08-14-2016, 12:41 PM
Is your guild transferring into Morpheus? how about a nice lvl 5 guild to get you situated :)


I'm selling it because I'm pretty much done prestige farming and want a different name for my minions.

some info:

A good number of the chars in this guild are currently alts (minions of Anthalon), I can leave em there for a few weeks if you need to bid on siege scrolls/etc. There are a few real players that are prestige farming as well in the guild.

Currently, it's #19 guild on morph (which means you can bid on siege scrolls/etc.) and just shy of 15% into lvl 5.

Dominion history: Guild of Thrones (back when it was active) dommed on Carebear once and got dunked pretty bad by 3k gs alts wielding ayanad weaps, and after that, noone else dommed Carebear, so the track record is pretty clean :)

Anyways, I never check my msgs on the forums so shoot me a mail in-game at KimJongHeal or Anthalon with your offer.


08-17-2016, 10:17 AM
quicky bumparoo just once to see if anyone's actually interested