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09-04-2016, 10:28 AM
Hi everyone,after 1,5 year of playing AA i'd like to make some suggestions about this game.First of all,i dont know if Trion or XL have noticed,but this game is a gold mine.
The sad thing is that instead of using latest technologies and gear,they only use a pickaxe to mine.A few months after the major 2.0 update many people started leaving the game
and the reason was not "i'm tired of the p2w sh*t","my regrades fail all the time","i don't like being zerged" etc,but....BOREDOM!Believe it or not even in a game with a huge content like this one,
repetitive daily events make the players get bored at some point (some of them very fast,others later..) and after days of roaming around Marianople and pking guildies for fun
they quit.
My suggestions will start,regarding events:
First of all i'd like to thank Trino & XL cause after almost 2 years,EU has some descent event timers (Luscas at 01:00 am was not so good and the old timers made ppl not caring at all about them-not
like they care now,but w/e)

-Battle for Golden Plains (Halcy) : BORING!PvE event!Useless Rewards!
my suggestion is that this event should be 2 times per day like it is atm and every player should participate in the starting faction (nuian pirates as nuians,harani nation players
as haranyan etc).Removing the mobs between the 2 bases would be great!
1st event should be CTF-like...CTF never fails,i believe almost everyone knows how it works and it would be funny (hunting the flag carrier,removing the dropped flag etc).
Cars should be allowed,automated cannons and golems should be removed and replaced with player-manned canons like the ones in every castle.Timer should be 30 minutes and respawn should be
after 15 seconds in one of the 5 spots between the 2 bases.If the flag of the one team is captured,both bases should push outside every opponent and be closed for them untill the flag is delivered or returned.
Rewards should be 8 honor medals for winners-4 for losers,"Capturing Victory" buff for the winners which should include +5-10% move speed and 5 prestige,10leadership,
500 honor points for every participant.(can also add achievements "x flags returned","x flags delivered" etc)
2nd event classic halcyona battle,without automated canons and wild-spawning golems..each faction should be allowed to have a maximum of 3 golems and players should work using labor
to "craft" each one of them during the 10min pre-battle preparations.only a nuian or haranyan hero should be able to activate the finished golems when he thinks his team needs it the most.
Again 30m timer and the same rewards with ctf event,except the winning team buff (should be different....)
Honor points quest (get 10 kills-zerg through the golems) should be removed.Also the report (and leave) to general quest should be removed aswell.

-Mistmerrow : 3 times per day,seriously?going around and around for no reason?
2 times per day also,1 as it is now and 1 as a base conquer event.
MM as it is atm has many mistakes,well i wouldn't say mistakes but this event is supposed to be played by 150-200players (like it was back in the days) but nowadays only a few ppl
have the patience to attend it each time (again 3 times,seriously?wtf)...so in my opinion 1 time per day is enough,20 minutes instead of 30,towers should give more x/100 points
more honor points,warrior medals,leadership,added prestige etc.only after this event kadum should spawn and the system for its item should be changed somehow,people leave instantly
after war ends and do not kill kadum...
Second Mistmerrow event should be like Dominion Mode in LoL but only with 3 points instead of the 6 existing ones...people will get to choose by capturing the ones they want in the beginning of the
event and they will have to defend them while the enemy teams loose points...

-Lusca Awakening : I believe every Mon-Wed-Fri should be enough for this event......atm we have Abyssal Attack,Luscas,Freedich Trader,Kraken,Red Dragon
and many days of the week Delphinad Ghost ships at the same time...
Give more honor points,make it count to 10 instead of 5 and add double enoan parts in each lusca (so their price won't get to 200g per part)

-Dungeon Rewards : Greater Dungeons can be completed by good geared people,but the rewards these dungeons give (armors,accesories,weapons) are useless to them,so some better rewards would be fine and
give some boost to go for em :)

-Shining Fish/Castaway Treasures events : these two should be permanent,once per month,1 sunday for each one :D

-Hero Periods : Should be the same for each month,right now it is unfair in my opinion ...lets say they start from the 1st of each month for new heroes and go till 28,30 or 31..the acumulated leadership will stop counting every 26th
and the voting period should be 27-28 of each month...current heroes will continue till the 1st of the next month.

part 2 below :)

09-04-2016, 10:29 AM
Now some thoughts regarding vehicles and mounts

-Definatelly a new design for Farm Freighter (maybe 6 packs on bottom and 2 on top)

-More base speed for Freighter (7,5 m/s)

-New eco fuels (+speed-less time or -speed+more time)

-Cars should be transparent in housing areas,like haulers do..

-Merchant Schooner's repair spots should be moved somewhere else,maybe in the back of the ship because in the current positions they dont help people move or pack/unpack easily

-Maybe 3 tiers for clipper sails (a bit more speed is always good) :P
New propellant designs with slight different effects -- Clipper customisation options.

-New Designs for ships,mostly enoan and eznan...enoans are atm full of bugs and while you are trying to aim far,the mark somehow targets the ship walls that are right next to you...
Radar should be at the same spot for all ships,either on mast or on the base of it.

-Some modifications for the ship wall/floor colours would be nice too...using the oak,ash,ebony etc grand drops from logging and other items to change the appearance (wood colour)of your ship ;)

-New sea mounts ... SHARK definatelly,seal,crocodile...

-Windsurf 9m/s (why not?).Can also do race events with these.

-New Submarine design : first it should be count as a boat,not a pet.More speed (lets say 8 m/s)...it is the ugliest thing designed in game and should be redesigned to something like the fotos below.
It should also have a transform button(like enoans) and be like a jet ski when it is over the sea,and a sub when it is under.you will have to hit the transform button in order to go underwater.