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09-10-2016, 07:00 AM
http://www.trionworlds.com/archeage/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2016/09/Weaponaura_blog.jpgWith our final deep dive into the September Update, we’re taking a look at two of the biggest changes coming to ArcheAge. If you’ve ever wanted greater control over your statistics or a special look to your weapons, you don’t want to miss this!Customize your character’s base stats with Ustine’s power“To every weakness, there hides a strength. To every failure, there hides a new success. In life, all things may not be similar, but they are equal. This the nature of the reality we live in, and those who accept that rule will find what they seek.”Starting in the September Update, you’ll be able to take your character’s fate into your own hand. Make use of new Migration Talismans to shift your base stat points from one statistic to another. Now you can reduce the stats you don’t use in order to increase the ones you need!Migration Talismans, adds 5 points to a stat of your choice by taking 5 points away from another stat. This item is purchased from General Merchants for 50 gold a piece.Luminious Migration Talismans, needs to be re-created through the knowledge of combat and the secrets of the Evenbards. Use this item to add 10 points to one stat while taking 10 points from another. Craft this item by grabbing a Boost Scroll from an Evenbard and 10 Honor Badges from the 8 man, Free For All Arena. 3 kills in the arena will net you 1 badge, while 10 kills will net you 5.Evenbards, on the other hand, are more elusive than the Arena. Keep an eye out for them at in-game night in The City of Towers, the Crescent Throne, Lutesong Harbor, Caernord, and Marianople. Their travels are unpredictable, so they may not always be there when you expect them to be!Players can re-assign up to 300 stat points. While you can re-assign your stats multiple times per day, doing so requires more Migration Talismans or Luminious Migration Talismans than the previous change. Waiting for another day resets the need for extra materials.There are also additional migration items that may be of use to those who either want higher limits or wish to undo their customization. Migration Scales increases the maximum number of assignable points by 20 and Migration Scalpels will reset all changes made to your base stats. Both of these artifacts are available in the ArcheAge Marketplace for 300 Credits, or from the Merit Store for 100 Merit Badges.Ignite your blades with new weapon glowsShine brightly on the battlefield as your high-end regraded weapons emit their magic to the visible eye. All weapons that possess a grade of Celestial or higher will now emit a color unique to their grade.
http://webcdn.triongames.com/archeage/img/WeaponAurua.gifNow you’ll know if you’re facing a person wielding a scrub sword, or a highly powered Mythic weapon!What’s your favorite part of the September Update so far? Let us know on the official forums, or on Facebook or Twitter! Otherwise, get ready for these new changes to arrive in the game on September 14!

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