View Full Version : ***WTS/WTT Epic Ayanad Winter Shortspear and Divine Ayanad Sky Katana

09-16-2016, 03:35 AM
Epic Ayanad Winter Shortspear
I bought this weapon a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely love it. It is currently my main hand weapon and the passive effect of the SS is really noticable. But, I am someone who likes changing things up, wanting to try new things, so I am looking for potential trades for something else. Some facts about the weapon: Fully gemmed with focus, lunafrosted, perfect temper giving it just over 700 dps and it is Erenor upgradable once that is released.

Divine Ayanad Sky Katana
This weapon sold within a couple of hours, so it is no longer available:)

The Ayanad Epic Winter Shortspear is currently my main-hand weapon, so I don't think I am looking to sell it unless the offer is really good. I am looking for an upgrade here, the next step weapon for myself.... and that would either be a Legendary T7 or Legendary Ayanad. Since my SS is Winter, it is Erenor upgradable, it should be worth more than the other Ayanad version IMO, but it is still a grade below Legendary, so I will offer to add gold ontop of it to even out the difference. Please send me a private message if you are interested to trade for one of the weapons listed below + some gold from my side:

My Epic Ayanad Winter SS + Gold for
Legendary Obsidian T7 Katana, Axe or Sword - Only version 1
Legendary Ayanad Katana - Flame
Legendary Ayanad Sword - Earth, Flame or Desert
Legendary Ayanad Shortspear - Earth or Squall
Legendary Ayanad Axe - Earth, Flame or Desert