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09-22-2016, 06:10 PM
We meet again, Tricorn! Unfortunately, I'm much more limited in what I can say this time around. Whereas our previous discussions were mostly about background lore and the general adventures of the twelve, (which you could piece together using tidbits scattered throughout the game), you're now asking about stuff that hasn't been released in our region yet. For obvious reasons, XL and Trion would probably prefer that you play through the new content, rather than just hop on the forums and ask ol' Quillodon. So... no spoilers. But as always, I'll answer what I can. 1: "Where have the Dwarves and the Warborn been, lore-wise? Wouldn't we have seen them around the world if they've been here all along? Did they just now arrive via spaceship from Planet Newrace, or what?" I can pretty safely answer this one, 'cause it IS background lore. The Warborn have been isolated for pretty obvious reasons: they're all, like, ex-genocidal war criminals. They appeared without warning about 100 years ago, slaughtered their way through Cinderstone and Two Crowns, and then mysteriously stopped their advance and hopped on a bunch of ships to Haranya. Nobody on Nuia really knows why, and the Harani aren't talking. Ever since then, the Warborn have been living in the harsh deserts of southern Haranya, in a remote region known as the Sunbite Wilds. Nobody goes there except the Harani, who have some sort of working arrangement with the Warborn that is known only to highest levels of government. And that's the way it will continue for the foreseeable future... unless something very interesting happens =P As for the Dwarves, it's 'cause, uh... they're a bunch'a jerks. No, seriously. They've got better tech, they've got immense wealth, and their capital city is the hub of the world's most popular information network: the postal system. Until very recently, they haven't had many REASONS to go down to the rest of Nuia (or "the lowlands," as they call them). Of the few Dwarves we've seen so far in Nuia, most have been outcasts, criminals, or people sent to chase the aforementioned outcasts and criminals and drag them back to Andelph. And even THEN, most of them are clustered in White Arden, right at the foot of the mountains. Dwarves don't get out much, and by all accounts they like it that way. And I'm just spitballin' here, but I'd wager it would take a rather dramatic turn of events to change that. 2: "What's Orchidna's deal? We know she was one of the twelve adventurers because she's in the intro cinematic, but the last we saw of her she was just a waifish little blond girl who liked getting into trouble. When did she become this Charlize-Theron-lookin' demon queen, and how did she get so badass? And where did she get a friggin' Warborn army? And WHAT'S WITH THE SNAKES?" Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah. About that. Unfortunately, as of right now the in-game information on Orchidna is incredibly scarce. And seeing as I am (politely but firmly) limited to only discussing in-game lore, there's not a whole lot I can talk about until Ascension goes live in our region. We know she was(is?) Kyprosa's sister. We know she was one of the twelve heroes who discovered the birthplace of the world. Heck, we SEE HER open the door to the garden in the intro cinematic. We also know that she is called the Demon Queen, and she unleashed the Warborn on Nuia about a hundred years ago game-time. But that's... basically it, so far. On the bright side, I can tell you for sure that you'll get a whole heaping helping of Orchidna lore in Ascension. She's in cutscenes, she's in dream sequences, she's in weird eyeball prophecies--she's even got a whole series of books you can collect. For god's sake, there is literally a 13-paragraph monologue by Lucius Quinto himself summarizing her backstory at one point. (And yes. It explains the snakes.) If you want Orchidna lore, you'll get it. You just have to wait a little bit longer =P Sorry, that's all I've got time for today. Hope that helps! -Quill

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