View Full Version : Hesk: Changing Email and Trion "Support"

10-03-2016, 11:10 PM
I am having issues with trion as well. i noticed that i was getting charged over $100 a month in archeage subscriptions. I went to trion support, which offers no help at all. The request password/account doesn't ever email you to get the account info. The 877 number on my bank statements for trion says its disconnected. They've closed the live chat support. Im on hold with my bank fighting to get my money back from trion, which from the looks of it is entirely set up to scam me out of being able to cancel my payments through them. Please make sure you contact support at support.trionworlds.com. With proper verification of the billing details (essentially, confirming you are the rightful owner of the payment method being used), we can assist with unknown or fraudulent charges. If you're having difficulty contacting Customer Service, you can always email support@trionworlds.com directly.

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