View Full Version : Shatigon Leaving sale (one day only) Loads of stuff has to go (epic/legend armours, land, tokens and more)

10-07-2016, 02:40 AM
Tried to Rip my gear last night and 1/2 of it went fecking epic so selling it off, some of it will require you to supply mats so I can craft to next tier.

All obsidian cloth:

EPIC T5 Mage gloves (tradeable) - 18k ~~Buyer pending
EPIC T4 Mage pants (need your mats to make to T5) - 20k
EPIC T5 Mage chest (need your mats to make T6) - 20k
Legendary T5 Mage boots (need mats to make T6) - 40k ~~SOLD

Other Armor:

Divine Cloth Delph Bracers (forgot name, im at work) the sta/int ones -- 9.5k (on AH)
Celestial epherium earing (The dam reduction one) - 600g (on AH)
Celestial Delph earing (The damage reduction one) - 3000

Other stuff:

300 Gilda star - Offer
20k vocation - Offer
5kish Honor - Offer


Certificated 16x16 Marcala (nearest to logs you can get) -1.5k
Certified 16x16 Lilliut -800g
Spot only 16x16 exoloch near water - 1k
Spot only 16x16 karkasse (red clay) - 300g


Unique obsidian T3 healers club - 1k

Ships etc

Mythic Naval cannon x3 - 30k all 3~~SOLD
Steamfish Submarine (missing 15 scraps so this will be the last thing I do on the game, collect them and sell design) - 900g

I will be gone from the game after the weekend so contact me here or ingame tonight
regarding sales.

Cheers all and have fun with 3.0 all!!!

10-07-2016, 03:00 AM
prices are more overpriced ah prices and not sale out prices.

10-07-2016, 03:24 AM
I checked AH when I ripped it all...Most of the stuff hadn't been listed on AH for ages so I had no price to go by.

The only things I could find that had sold on AH or were listed, were:

A pair of t1 obsidian gloves epic they were sold at 26k and one was listed at 20k (so 18k seemed fair to me)
An epic t4 obsidian skirt sold 7 days ago at 32k (so I thought 20k was fair on mine)
The divine delph bracers- Last set sold at 9.99k ungemmed , mine are fully gemmed (so again is 9.5 that high?)

Rest of the stuff I just tried to price to sell and judging by the mails I have from buyers I doubt its overpriced.

I haven't spent the last 2 years carefully monitoring how much this stuff sells for but from what I can see on the AH it doesn't come up that often and what it sells for varies greatly.

I'm open to offers but I think the prices are pretty fair and since I'm back in a year if the games still running I'm not giving it away.