View Full Version : Divines & Epics For Sale

10-07-2016, 03:40 AM
Divines for Sale:

Ayanad Gale Shortspear (115% Temper / Ungemmed) SOLD

3x Epherium Wave Earrings

Delphinad Flame Shield (Fully Gemmed w/ 3x Lucid Block Gems)

Delphinad Earth Belt (Fully Gemmed w/ +600 Revitalizing Cheer Gems)

Epherium Flame Bow (Fully Gemmed w/ 1x Lucid Defense Pen Gem) SOLD

Obsidian T1 Gloves SOLD

Epics for Sale

Obsidian T3 Shortspear

Obsidian T3 Nodachi SOLD

Obsidian T3 Greatsword

Obsidian T1 Jerkin

Please private message me via the forums on this user or mail Knight on Tahyang to discuss prices. Can face to face with either faction on Tahyang using alts. Thanks for reading and hope to to hear from you soon!


-Knight [Aftermath] (Pirate Faction)